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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Symposium Topics

T01 – Functionalized/defunctionalized Carbon-based 1D-3D Networks; Surface Chemistry, New Synthetic Methodologies and their Catalytic Application.

T02 – 2D and 3D Carbon-based Coordination Polymers, their Derivatives and Use in Catalysis.

T03 – The Circularity of Carbon: from C-based Catalysts Prepared from Renewable-Supplies to their Use in the Catalytic Conversion of Natural Feedstock.

T04 – C-based Catalysts for Environmental Applications/Remediation Purposes.

T05 – Catalysis by Carbon-based Hybrid Materials and Composites; from Classical M-NPs/C assemblies to Single-Atom Catalysts.

T06 – Zeolite-like Micro/Mesoporous Nanocarbons for Confined Carbon Catalysis and Energy Storage/Conversion Purposes.

T07 – Advanced Characterization Techniques and Theoretical Simulation for Carbon-based Materials in Catalysis.

T08 – Carbon-based Materials as Thermo-, Electro-, Photo- and Photo(electro)-catalysts (or catalysts supports) and their non-classical activation methods